The note should contain the students name the

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Unformatted text preview: n all unknowns from the TA. Students must be explicit in their request for an unknown; that is, they must know the name of the experiment and unknown. If a student needs more unknown, they should notify the TA who will then write a note of explanation that the student can take to the dispensary. The note should contain the student's name, the student's locker number, the laboratory section number, the TA's name, the experiment name, and the name of the unknown. 4. Writing A Laboratory Report Below is the suggested format that your report should follow. Portions of the report should be written in your laboratory notebook and others will be submitted on-line as part of the post laboratory exercises. Post laboratory exercises are due one week after the completion of the laboratory. Below is a general outline of a common format that is often used in science laboratory courses. Discuss this format with your TA during the first laboratory period so that you clearly understand what will be expected. Title: The report shou...
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