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Unformatted text preview: nd locker number. These numbers are the hyphenated numbers embossed on your locker. For example, if the hyphenated numbers read, 1068-6-24, your room number is 1068, your locker series is 6, and your locker number is 24. Concluding Remarks: Briefly discuss interpretations of your observations and results. Include in your discussion, any conclusions drawn from the results and any sources of error in the experiment. 7 8 Nomenclature of Transition Metal Complexes Cl H 2N H 2N Co NH 2 NH 2 Cl Cobalt Complex One of the most interesting aspects of transition metal chemistry is the formation of coordination compounds, which are often referred to as transition metal complexes. You will be studying some of these transition metal complexes in Chemistry 2C. Because of their unique structure, transition metals have their own system of nomenclature. There is an on-line prelaboratory presentation that reviews the rules of transition metal complex nomenclature. Please review this presentation and then take the Nomenclat...
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