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Unformatted text preview: he slope the easy way.) Part IV. Spectrophotometric Analysis of a Mixture of the Two Complexes. Theory: The absorbance of a mixture of absorbing species that do not interact with each other in any way is simply the sum of the absorbances of the individual species. This means that in a solution that contains both the red and the green complexes in significant amounts the absorbance at max of the green form will be given by the equation AG = *GG [CG] + *RG[CR] and the absorbance at max of the red form will be given by AR = *GR[CG] + *RR[CR] where [Cx] is the molar concentration of X = R, G. It follows from this that if the four * values are all known, the individual concentrations in a mixture of the two species can be obtained by measuring its absorbance at the two maximal wavelengths and solving the pair of simultaneous equations given just above. (Students who know some linear algebra will recognize that these equations can be compacted into the matrix equation.) Calculate the concent...
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