Tilt the final receiver slightly and while holding

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Unformatted text preview: he other fingers on the hand holding it.) Be patient because if you overshoot the mark you must begin the whole process again. Remove the accurately filled pipet from its container and while still tightly sealing its top with your finger, quickly dry the lower portion of the shaft with a single downward stroke of a laboratory tissue. Tilt the final receiver slightly and while holding the pipet vertical, place its tip against the receiver wall so that when take your finger off of the pipet mouth, liquid will flow smoothly down to the bottom of the vessel. You want to avoid splashing as much as possible. Keep the tip of the pipet in contact with the flask sidewall for at least 30 seconds after it looks empty, and then remove it from the receiver. The pipets in the Chemistry 2 laboratories are calibrated "to deliver" the specified quantity of liquid rather than "to contain" it. What this really means is that you should never blow the last drops out of them. 6. Filtration You wi...
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