Using the standard cell potential you just calculated

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Unformatted text preview: tion and calculate the value of the standard cell potential, (E°cathode - E°anode) using your measured cell potentials and the Nernst equation. Using the standard cell potential you just calculated and the known value of the standard reduction potential of the Cu(II)/Cu(s) redox couple, determine the standard reduction potential of each of the noncopper metal half cells. You should also compare your findings with the accepted values. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part I Analysis. The following series of questions and calculations will lead you through the calculation of the standard reduction potentials of the half-cells, Zn2+/Zn(s), Pb2+/Pb(s), and Fe3+/Fe2+. Part I Analysis. Given the Nernst equation, Ecell = (Eocathode - Eoanode) - [0.0257/n]lnQ, and the equation, Eocell = Eocathode - Eoanode, substitute Eocell into the Nernst equation and solve for Eocell. Which of the following would be the correct expression for Eocell? Three choices will be given. 17 Part I Analysis. For the cell, Zn(s) | Z...
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