Wear your goggles and gloves throughout this

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Unformatted text preview: p and Special instructions: 1. Wear your Goggles and gloves throughout this experiment. 2. Dispose of all solutions on your spot plate by holding it vertically above the mouth of the funnel in the neck of the metal waste disposal container and rinsing it with a brisk stream from your wash bottle. The metal waste containers are in the fumehoods. Wash the spot plate more thoroughly under the deionized water faucet and dry it for later use. 3. Excess solutions containing lead and copper need to be disposed of in the metal waste containers while the excess solutions containing only iron may go down the drain with copious amounts of water. 4. Treat the voltmeters with care and respect, as they are expensive. PROCEDURE You will work in pairs on this experiment. The actual data analyses and the written reports must be done entirely independently of your lab partner or other students. Make sure that you avoid unauthorized collaboration and plagiarism. All suspected violations of the Code of Academic Conduct will be referre...
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