While it is still upside down blotwipe off the top of

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Unformatted text preview: pcock and drain about 5 mL out of the tip. Over the sink, empty the buret out the top by inverting it swiftly, and then repeat the water washing, this time also opening the stopcock when the buret is inverted to allow most of the water to drain back out of the tip. Wait about 30 seconds for drainage and then close the stopcock. While it is still upside down, blot/wipe off the top of the buret with a laboratory tissue. Then turn it upright, and using a clean beaker for the transfer, add enough of the new solution to bring the liquid level up to about the 48 mL mark. Next, drain part of the liquid out of the tip into a waste receiver, close the stopcock, and wipe off the tip with a laboratory tissue. Then, at the sink, cradle the top of the buret between the thumb and index finger of one hand. While holding it by the tip with your other hand, turn the buret horizontal. While twirling the buret by the tip, slowly empty it through the top, being careful to wet the entire interior wall with the new solution. Repeat thi...
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