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Unformatted text preview: ce from the TA or fellow students. You are strongly encouraged to follow this advice! 12 Preparation for Next Lab Each student needs to dry a sample of solid calcium carbonate for the EDTA laboratory. 1. Each student must half fill one vial with pure calcium carbonate. 2. Place the uncapped vial in a beaker. Write your name on the white frosted area of the beaker with a graphite pencil and place it in the oven. Do not use paper labels on your vial or beaker. Cover the beaker with a watch glass. 3. Dry the sample in the oven for 1.5 hours. Do not adjust the temperature on the oven. The temperature on the oven has been preset and will heat to the correct temperature when the door remains closed. 4. After removing your sample from the oven, let it cool until it is warm but safe to handle. 5. After the sample has cooled carefully, place the beaker containing the uncapped vial in the desiccator until needed. Be careful not to touch the vial with your fingers. Make sure that you label the vial! 13 Safety, Clean-u...
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