You should have worked through the analysis of parts

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Unformatted text preview: rations of the green “chloro” complex and the red “aquo” complex in the mixture. 63 The following series of questions pertains to the analysis of the data in Parts III and IV. Your data and resulting calculations will be verified as you proceed through the exercise. You should have worked through the analysis of Parts III and IV in your notebook before beginning; otherwise, you may need an hour or so to complete this exercise. You may leave the exercise at any point and continue it later. Why do we allow electronic instruments to warm-up before use? Why is it important not to have fingerprints on the cuvette? Why is it important to align the cuvette in the sample holder the same way each time? In part I step 3, you were instructed to weigh approximately 200 mg of the green chloro complex. Please enter the precise mass in milligrams of the green chloro complex used to prepare the solution. In part I step 2, you were instructed to dissolve the green chloro complex into approximate...
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