You will determine the concentrations of both

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Unformatted text preview: wavelengths) will be 56 carried out for solutions of chloro and aquo complexes. In the final portion of this experiment, you will analyze solutions that contain a mixture of the two complexes. You will determine the concentrations of both complexes in the mixture using your spectrophotometric measurements. Green Cplx Red Cplx A b s o r b a n c e 400 500 600 700 800 Wavelength / nm Figure 4. Absorption Spectra of Cobalt(III) Ethylenediamine Complexes 57 Safety: Treat the GENESYSTM 20 spectrophotometers with great care as they are expensive and delicate instruments. Wear your goggles. PROCEDURE You will work in pairs on this experiment. The actual data analyses and the written reports must be done entirely independently of your lab partner or other students. Make sure that you avoid unauthorized collaboration and plagiarism. All suspected violations of the Code of Academic Conduct will be referred to Student Judicial Affairs. Part I. Solution Preparation and Aquation of the Chloro Complex. 1. Prepa...
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