You will find the nomenclature quiz listed on the

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Unformatted text preview: ure quiz. You will find the Nomenclature quiz listed on the Main Menu of the Chemistry 2C Presentation Website. The Nomenclature quiz is not like a pre-lab quiz. The quiz consists of 10 randomly selected multiple-choice questions worth a total of 20 laboratory points. You may begin and leave the quiz at any time without penalty. However, you cannot go back to the previous question. See your course syllabus, TA, or your course instructor for the due date of the Nomenclature quiz. 9 10 Electrochemical Cells INTRODUCTION The use of electrochemical cells to convert the Gibbs energy stored in the constituent half-reactions into electrical work is of enormous industrial as well as fundamental significance. We have all used batteries and these are simply galvanic cells similar to those you will construct in this experiment. In the laboratory, a typical electrochemical (or galvanic) cell has the following general construction: Figure 1: A Schematic of a Galvanic Cell In Figure 1, there are two electrode-compartments, each of which contains an electrode and the constituents of the half-reac...
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