Your result should be within about a factor of ten of

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Unformatted text preview: ry. The solubility product of lead sulfate can then be estimated by multiplying this result by the concentration of the sulfate ion in that compartment. Your result should be within about a factor of ten of the tabulated value for this constant. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part III Analysis. You will now calculate the solubility product for PbSO4 by using your measured potential for cell #7 in Part III of the laboratory. 21 Part III Analysis. Please enter the value of Ecell you measured in volts for the spontaneous cell reaction for cell Pb(s) | PbSO4(s), NH4+ (3.0M), SO42-(1.50M), NO3(0.10M), Pb2+(? M) || Pb(NO3)2(0.050 M) | Pb(s). Part III Analysis. Because the standard potentials are the same for both the anode and the cathode reactions for a concentration cell, the Nernst equation for a concentration cell becomes simply Ecell = -(0.0257/n)lnQ, where Q is the expression for the spontaneous cell reaction. For the concentration cell, Pb(s) | PbSO4(s), NH4+ (3.0M), SO42-(1.50M), NO3(0....
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