A click on post laboratory exercises choose the

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Unformatted text preview: am is expecting the entry, 0.234, based on your data, then a value in a range of 0.232 – 0.236 may be accepted. There are also multiple-choice questions and free response questions posed in the post-lab exercises. An on-line text box will be provided for you to write any concluding remarks discussing and explaining your experimental results. a. Click on post-laboratory exercises. Choose the appropriate laboratory exercise and follow the instructions. See below. b. You will need to have your laboratory notebook and a calculator or spreadsheet program to complete the exercises. You should keep a detailed record of your data entries and the resulting calculations in your laboratory notebook. You may need to reference this material when discussing a calculation with a TA. c. As you proceed through your post-lab exercise, a scroll down window appears at the bottom of the screen. This summary is the post-lab data summary, and it contains your accepted entries and the number of points awarded for each question. You may refer to this summar...
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