A policies at beginning of quarter goggles you must

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Unformatted text preview: ents are accounted for. 3. If the building is cleared, you will return to continue your lab. F) Dispensary Procedures 1. Dispensing Policies The following outline concisely describes the various stockroom dispensary procedures that will be used this quarter. Please read this over carefully, and discuss any questions you may have with your TA. a. Policies at Beginning of Quarter Goggles You must use the approved goggles given to you in Chemistry 2A. If you have lost those goggles, it is your responsibility to replace them before the lab starts. Locker Supplies There will be a two-week grace period for filling out dispensing room slips when checking out supplies from the dispensary for your locker. Make sure that you have everything on your locker list by the end of the second week of instruction. b. Policies During the Quarter Locker Supplies If a locker item is broken after the initial two-week period, you must bring the broken item or a representative portion thereof to the dispensary and fill out a dispensing slip fo...
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