B in the other well add 5 drops of a small amount of

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Unformatted text preview: f the original solution in two wells of a spot plate. a. In one well, add 2 drops of sodium tetraphenylborate. If a reaction is observed, then the K+ cation has been confirmed. b. In the other well, add 5 drops of a small amount of 0.2M K2C2O4 (aq). If a reaction is observed, then the Ca2+ cation has been confirmed. Cleanup Make sure all waste gets transferred to the appropriate waste containers in the fumehood: Cation Waste or Dithizone/chloroform/acetone Waste Container. Rinse the spot plate with acetone into the dithizone/chloroform/acetone waste container. If the waste container is full, take the full bottle to the dispensary and replace it with an empty one. DATA ANALYSIS Part I. Qualitative Analysis – Due before beginning Part II. To be completed online. After completing Part I, please complete the on-line post-laboratory exercises for week 1. The questions you will answer on line are shown below as questions 1 – 7. If you have completed the on-line exercises for Part 1 of this labora...
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