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SnyderScheduleSp08 - Exercise Review for Individual...

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Schedule and Due Dates BUAD 302 Business Communication Spring ‘08 Kirk Snyder NOTE: SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 1
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DATE TOPIC REQUIRED  READINGS DUE 1/15 Course Introduction and Syllabus Review; Basics of  Communication Strategy;  Organizational Communication  BCR:  pp 1-16 1/17  Introduction to Career  Development and Selection  Process; Career Package  Assignment Review 1/22 Career Development Theories;  How to Effectively  Communicate Your Talents and  Skills (Developing Winning  Resumes/Cover Letters);  Discussion of First ELC  Presentation  1/24 ELC Exercise Hi-Fli Exercise 1/29 Career Center Presentation  No Preparation  Necessary 1/31 MBTI Interpretation;  In Class 
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Unformatted text preview: Exercise; Review for Individual Informative Presentations (2/7) 2/5 TBA 2/7 Career Fair ELC: Individual Informative Presentations Resume/Cover Letter Due 2/12 Internship Week Behavioral Theories that Impact Communication; Non-Verbal Communication; Developing Strategies for Planning and Preparing Messages BCR: pp. 17-28 BCR: pp.48, 49, 52 BCR: pp. 83-94 2/14 Career Fair Report Delivered In Class 2/19 Delivering Persuasive Messages; Strategic Planning for Persuasive Writing and Speaking TBA BCR: 123-141 2/21 Persuasion Techniques; Overcoming Presentation BCR: 143-156 3...
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SnyderScheduleSp08 - Exercise Review for Individual...

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