discontent in the midst of prosperity

discontent in the midst of prosperity - Samantha Hoff...

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Samantha Hoff History 101 Primary source paper April 1, 2008 Discontent in the Midst of Prosperity Americans survived the Great Depression and won World War II, making the 1950’s and 60’s the best years in the nation’s history for most of the white middle class. Progress meant economic progress, and the United States was producing half of the worlds manufactured goods, yet we still experienced high unemployment and low inflation despite the growing prosperity. The postwar era was not entirely happy times considering the number of deaths in the Korean War, high unemployment, and unfair distribution of wealth throughout the country, leaving forty to fifty million Americans living in poverty 1 . As the United States moved into the 1960s and President John F Kennedy came to power, he gave the people a promise of political change and social justice. The American public woke up and became aware substantial problems of society such as the growing environmental issues while questioning the set role of women as housewives and mothers. The 60’s was a time of great change that brought about important issues such as women’s rights and the environmental movement, still very much issues of today’s society. World War II forced many American women out of their homes and into the work force to fill the jobs left by men in the military. However, after the war, women resumed their domestic role of cleaning house and caring for the children and husbands. “That such a life was 1  Overfield, Discontent in the Midst of Prosperity, In  Sources of Twentieth-Century Global   History . 289.
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discontent in the midst of prosperity - Samantha Hoff...

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