The Last Years analytical paper

The Last Years analytical paper - The Last Years (327-323...

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The Last Years (327-323 BCE) Samantha Hoff
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of their life can be determined. Cartledge states that it is impossible to reach a final assessment of Alexander’s achievements during his reign of just thirteen years because his life was clearly incomplete and unfulfilled. There are a variety of different outlooks on his life since his reputation remains as controversial and contradictory after his death as it was during his life. During his final years (327–323 BCE) Alexander’s military genius was tested to near destruction, yet he overcame all of these challenging obstacles, despite one. The ultimate irony is that he failed to overcome the opposition of his Macedonian troops. Late in 327 BCE, Alexander’s greatest adventure began; his journey into India to secure his eastern border and his hope of finding the edge of the known world, or ocean. He was now traveling through unknown territory, politically and geographically, and dealing with hostile people not only against each other but to Alexander as well. First he crossed the Indus into Taxila where the local ruler became his supporter and military addition. His path was then barred at the Hydaspes River by the powerful Porus. Thanks to Alexander’s cunning phalanx and light infantry, they won the battle against a huge army equipped powerful weapons such as tank-like elephants. Alexander respected Porus as a military commander and leader, and left him in charge of his subjects. As Alexander reached the banks of the Hyphasis River, his troops declared they would go no farther east. Reluctantly, he turned back toward the Hydaspes, having suffered what some sources call the only defeat of his career. This left Alexander frustrated, and he took out his rage on the native villages and towns they traveled through. In 326 around the Indus River he received a fatal wound to the chest from the Malli people, yet he continued on. Once he reached
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The Last Years analytical paper - The Last Years (327-323...

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