Histology-Epithelial - Histology Epithelial Tissue A...

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Histology- Epithelial Tissue A. Introduction 1. Somatic cells- body cells, about 200 different cells in body a. Structurally different b. Functionally different c. Embryonic origin - ectoderm - mesoderm - endoderm 2. tissues- aggregation (group) of cells that are similar by structure, function and embryonic origin 3. Histology- study of tissues 4. Classification of Tissues a. epithelial b. connective (vascular) c. muscular d. nervous 5. Higher levels of organization a. organs- aggregation of tissues for a specific function b. organ systems- aggregation of organs for a specific function c. individual- different organisms B. Epithelial Tissue 1. Definition a. cover body surface b. cover body cavity (coelom c. cover organs d. skin - Ectoderm e. peritoneum (coelom) - urogenital system - circulatory system - Mesoderm - respiratory system - digestive system - Endoderm 2. Germ Layers 3. Free surface- on all epithelial tissue there is one surface that is free, not touching a surface
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4. Basement membrane- opposite of free surface, secreted by epithelial tissue,
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Histology-Epithelial - Histology Epithelial Tissue A...

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