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Use the paragraph below for the following matching exercise. You will match the capitalized words with their Latin counterpart. I AM a Vestal Virgin. As a guardian of the state, I CAN rebuild the sacred fire on the Kalends of March, attend meetings other women ARE not ABLE to do, and release prisoners from their punishments. I HAVE BEEN a Vestal since the age of 10. At that time and for the next 10 years I WAS ABLE to study the profession of the Vestals and learn how to carry out the ceremonies accurately. For five years now, I have been one of the ones to carry out those ceremonies. IT IS quite a responsibility! I WILL BE in this position for five more years. Then for the next 10 years I WILL BE ABLE to teach the new Vestal initiates, again a most important position! Then after 30 years, those who were initiated with me WILL BE ABLE to retire. We WILL HAVE BEEN servants of the state for a long, but memorable time. What a life this is for a young girl! © 2004
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