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Example Parallel AC Circuit Problems
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ECT125 Parallel AC Circuit Analysis The following are example problems calculated for parallel AC circuits. They include parallel RL, LC, and RLC circuits. The equivalent series circuit will be shown for all three configurations. An RC parallel combination circuit is not shown, but using the process for the RL circuit, you should be able to calculate an example of your own. The procedures shown are for calculating ZT. You should be able to calculate total current, individual component currents, component powers, and the apparent power(PA) for the circuit. Practice putting all of your answers in polar and rectangular form and use the branch currents to verify Kirchoff’s current law for total current in the circuit. Make sure you include your angles with the current values you calculate and put proper units on circuit parameters. Enjoy! Example 1 : Find ZT for the circuit shown. (RL analysis) V1 8 Vrms 903 Hz L1 470mH R1 2kΩ Figure 1. Parallel RL Circuit
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