But t he problem is prevent ing kivas growt h and t

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Unformatted text preview: sense, Kiva’s business is t oo suc c essf ul; it ’s not urgent t hat t hey solve t his problem in order f or t he business t o c ont inue t o t hrive. But t he problem is prevent ing Kiva’s growt h, and t hat ’s import ant t o t he organizat ion. Also, if pot ent ial or est ablished individual lenders are disc ouraged by being only able t o of f er one loan of $25 eac h t ime t hey visit , t hey might not c ome bac k t o t he sit e. Individuals who support Kiva have as many as 1,000 loans out at any one t ime, and it ’s import ant t o t he smoot h running of t he whole t hat t hey c ont inue t o be able t o roll over t heir invest ment s as t he loans are paid bac k. So t his is not a problem of t he great est possible urgenc y, but it is quit e urgent . In t erms of c omplexit y, t he syst em is f airly simple in one sense: t he c onnec t ions bet ween t he lenders, Kiva it self , t he mic rof inanc e organizat ions, and t he loan rec ipient s are t ransparent and simple. But if we look more c losely, we’ll see t hat t he problem is more c omplex t han it init ially appears. Kiva’s f ieldworkers must work wit h t he c ommunic at ion inf rast ruc t ure in t he c ount ries and regions in whic h t hey are ac t ive, and t hese are not unif orm. Some have Int ernet ac c ess t hat is readily available, while ot hers don’t ; some have mobile t elephone servic e, while ot hers don’t ; some have t he equipment nec essary t o t ake advant age of t hese inf rast ruc t ures, and some don’t . We c an isolat e t he problem (it ’s in t he f ield, at t he point s of c ommunic at ion bet ween t he f ieldworkers and t heir c lient s on t he one side, and Kiva on t he ot her), desc ribe it as somewhat urgent , and f airly c omplex. Now we’re ready t o brainst orm some solut ions. Brainstorm Solutions Af t er reviewing t he evidenc e, we’re ready t o t alk about t he best possible out c ome. T he best possible out c ome, let ’s remember, is not a solut ion: it ’s what will happen when a good solut ion is suc c...
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