It would make everyone happy and be perf ec t ly ef f

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Unformatted text preview: essf ul. In t his c ase, perf ec t and immediat e c ommunic at ion bet ween t he needs of t he loan rec ipient s and t he wallet s of t he loan providers would be t he best possible out c ome. It would make everyone happy, and be perf ec t ly ef f ic ient . T hen we need t o f oc us on a solut ion t hat ref lec t s t he problem and t he out c omes we desire. What we need t o do is reduc e or remove barriers t o c ommunic at ion. In addressing t his problem, Kiva has f oc used on t he c ollec t ion and f orwarding of inf ormat ion about ent repreneurs by t heir f ieldworkers t o Kiva.org. In areas t hat lac k reliable Int ernet servic es, f or inst anc e, t hey’ve ht t ps : / / learn. uwat erloo. c a/ d2l/ c om m on/ popup/ popup. d2l?ou=43042&query St ring=ou%3D 43042%26c id… 4/ 7 c onc ent rat ed on developing inf ormat ion management syst ems t hat are based on mobile t elephone t ec hnology. In Uganda, f or example, f ieldworkers are t rying out c amera phones wit h mult imedia messaging servic es t o relay f ield inf ormat ion inst ant aneously t o t he websit e. Innovat ions in t he c ommunic at ion syst em suc h as t his one will help Kiva t o grow, and ensure t hat t housands more people c an improve t heir lives. Feedback and Modification Kiva’s f ieldworkers will be able t o give t he organizat ion and it s part ners f eedbac k on t he dif f erent opt ions t hey’re t rying out . Int ernat ional t elec ommunic at ion inf rast ruc t ure c hanges at a rapid pac e and f eedbac k should also inc lude researc h about new and dif f erent ways of c ommunic at ing. Modif ic at ion will depend on ef f ec t ive c onsult at ion wit h all c onc erned part ies. Syst emic c ommunic at ion problems are of t en ongoing issues in organizat ions, and need ef f ort , ref lec t ion, and ac t ion pret t y muc h c ont inuously. Now go c hec k out Kiva.org, and see what you t hink! PD 6 On l i n e - Fal l 2 0 12 - @ i m p o rt u rl ("/c o n t e n t /e n fo rc e d/4 3 0 4 2 PD6 _k o a_c e l _112 9 /C SS/t ab l e _o f_c o n t e n t...
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