T he reason t he f ounders appeared on t he opr ah

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Unformatted text preview: s t o only one c ont ribut ion of $25 bec ause t he number of would- be lenders exc eeded t he number of people needing loans. (T he reason: t he f ounders appeared on T he Opr ah Winf r ey Show and wit hin hours t he sit e was swamped wit h new lenders.) Kiva’s suc c ess is based on t he applic at ion of modern c ommunic at ions t ec hnology t o an age- old problem. But t he need t o limit , even t emporarily, t he amount of support t hat c an be of f ered by lenders is a problem. It ’s not t hat global povert y has gone away; f ar f rom it . But t he c ommunic at ions syst em t hat Kiva has built makes it easier f or people t o of f er loans t han it does f or f ieldworkers t o gat her and post t he st ories of t hose in need of loans. T his is a syst emic c ommunic at ion problem, and solving it will help Kiva c ont inue t o c ont ribut e t o t he alleviat ion of povert y around t he world. ht t ps : / / learn. uwat erloo. c a/ d2l/ c om m on/ popup/ popup. d2l?ou=43042&query St ring=ou%3D 43042%26c id… 3/ 7 10/ 9/ 12 Print able View Analysis of the Problem Describe the Problem So, where t o st art ? T hat ’s right , wit h an assessment of t he problem. What ever t he t ype and size of t he problem, desc ribing it will help solve it . So… Who: lenders and loan rec ipient s What : t here are not enough pot ent ial loan rec ipient s When: sinc e a lot of posit ive public it y about Kiva Where: in t he areas t hat Kiva’s mic rof inanc e part ners work Why: bec ause t he mic rof inanc e organizat ions c an’t deliver as many rec ipient s as t here are donors T his prof ile gives us a lot of inf ormat ion about t he problem. If we do a lit t le researc h, we might f ind t hat global povert y and ac c ess t o c apit al is st ill a big problem, so t hat ’s not t he answer; we might also f ind t hat Kiva works wit h almost all t he pot ent ial mic rof inanc e part ners it c an. What we might c onc lude, t hen, is t hat t he problem is t hat t here is a bot t lenec k in t he c ommunic at ion syst em. Prioritize the Problem We c an t hen move on t o priorit izing t he problem. In a...
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