What you experienc e as a problem wit h c ommunic at

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Unformatted text preview: ded t o lead t o a spec if ic out c ome. What you experienc e as a problem wit h c ommunic at ion c an usually be analyzed in t erms of t he series of event s t hat is int ended t o lead t o a spec if ic out c ome. F or inst anc e, a phone message may be int ended t o c onf irm your c ommit ment t o a meet ing t he week af t er. If you aren’t able t o c ollec t t he message (f or inst anc e, if you don’t have a password t o t he voic e mail syst em, or you don’t have remot e ac c ess and are working out of t he of f ic e) or if you aren’t aware of how t he proc ess is designed and what it s out c omes are supposed t o be (f or inst anc e, if you expec t email messages t o c onf irm meet ing t imes), t hen you will have a problem. T here are many c ult ural dif f erenc es in how people express t hemselves. Dif f erent c ult ures have dif f erent ways of being c ourt eous, of f ering praise, showing ac c ept anc e, init iat ing dialogue, and rec eiving c rit ic ism. Don’t neglec t t he opport unit y t o learn t hings f rom t he variet y of people you work wit h. Respec t f ul c uriosit y is never of f ensive. Communic at ion problems c an be solved t hrough t he proc ess of analysis and innovat ion t hat we’ve desc ribed in t he model out lined in Week 1: Desc ribe t he problem Propose solut ions Implement solut ions Problems wit h proc esses are usually more c omplex t han problems wit h t hings, and t hey of t en 1/ 7 10/ 9/ 12 Print able View involve more people t o solve. It is import ant t hat you f ollow up on t he solut ions t hat are c hosen: it may sound like a good idea t o require everyone t o c hec k t heir email 20 t imes a day, but f eedbac k may suggest t hat you need t o modif y t hat solut ion in order t o ef f ec t ively solve t he problem. But onc e again, solving a c ommunic at ion problem c an really benef it you and your organizat ion, and c an help you move f orward in any number of ways. If you t ook t he Prof essional Development c ourse “PD 3: Communic at ion”, you will have dealt wit h many kinds of c ult ural problems t hat inhibit ef f ec t ive c ommunic at ion and...
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