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Presentation One - BUAD 302/Snyder Spring `08 Informative...

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BUAD 302/Snyder Spring ‘08 Informative Communication Presentation TOPIC: Career Fit/Personal Assessment You will have 10 minutes to present an informative verbal presentation about the criteria you will use to assess the “fit” of a potential job. This exercise is based on a systems approach to career development (as covered in class) and will focus on two levels: Personal Identity and Workplace Environment Based on the 7 points framework that we discussed in class, you will be asked to do two things in your presentation. First, inform us about the realities of the four points of your personal identity and then assess the potential fit with the workplace environment of a specific job and company. (Note: Feel free to use the same job and company you select for your resume/cover letter assignment as well as mock interview). In your presentation, be sure to inform us about the realities of the three correlating points between your personal identity and the workplace environment. Remember, in your personal identity, your talents and skills combine to correlate to the job requirements point in the workplace environment. You will not be asked to disclose any personal information that you are not comfortable discussing in the i ndividuality point in your personal identity. Rather, this portion of your presentation need only contain the basic information about who you are as a unique professional. I have designed the following worksheet to assist you in putting together your presentation. You will be graded based on the clarity of your message in the context of informative communication, delivery, and demonstrated commitment to the material. Please dress in business casual attire for your presentation. 1
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BUILD-OUT WORKSHEET INDIVIDUALITY I. Identify your basic individuality. Your basic demographic realities have extreme relevance in the world of work. For example, if people who share some or all of your attributes are already successful within an organization, then it’s likely that you will also
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Presentation One - BUAD 302/Snyder Spring `08 Informative...

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