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ND American Politics Intro

ND American Politics Intro - vote I was not taken with...

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Introduction to American Politics Should voting be mandatory? 288 words There was a time in America, not long ago, when huge chunks of the population were not allowed to vote. Times have changed and universal suffrage allows virtually everyone in the United States to vote. Oddly enough, not everyone does. The way I see it, that is absolutely fine. Voting is a right, not an obligation. People in the United States should never be forced to vote because every person in this country deserves to choose whether or not to voice their opinion, if they have an opinion at all. Lijphart argues that low turnout is a major problem, but there is little evidence that low turnout is hurting democracy. First of all, participation is not that low. As the book mentions, felons, immigrants, and frivolous votes do not have their numbers tallied toward the final participation figures. In the last presidential election, I cast a frivolous
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Unformatted text preview: vote. I was not taken with either candidate and was content to let the rest of the country choose. In a working society, some people should be apathetic, or at least content enough to be satisfied with whatever results come out of an election. High turnout would suggest, to me, a higher tension in the country than anyone would desire. Voting, or the lack thereof, is a choice. Mandatory voting would be like forcing people to talk in class. Some people are fine with how class goes without speaking, or simply do not want to speak for whatever reason they personally have. Certainly everyone should be encouraged to vote – that is to say, no one should be discouraged from it as some people have been historically, but when election time comes, no one should walk into the booth against their will....
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