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Introduction to American Politics Is America polarized? 236 words More than ever, America seems polarized. Political demonstrations, close elections and the idea that half the country is red and half is blue all seem to indicate that a political civil war is imminent. The way I see it, those issues are little more than appearance. America may be more polarized than in the past, but the divisions are not nearly as severe as they first appear. With a powerful media, internet outlets for everyone with an opinion, and divisive issues at the forefront of everyday life, it should come as no surprise that centrists seem to be a minority. In reality, most people are not on the far right or the far left. However, those more radical individuals tend to be the people trying hardest to have their opinions
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Unformatted text preview: heard. Of course many people in such a large country will have different views, but democrats still sit next to republicans in classrooms and workplaces. In a sense, socialization (referring back to Schattschneider) may factor into perceived polarization in a big way. Parties encourage people to become involved and take a stand. The media tends to give more airtime to divisive issues in the hopes that more people will tune in. The elites are involved in political debate everyday – the average American is not. As Schattschneider wrote, if you yell, “fight!” people come running. That does not always mean there is a true fight going on....
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