got me suicidal suicidal.

got me suicidal suicidal. - It is hard to imagine that a...

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It is hard to imagine that a person would take their own life intentionally, but suicide happens all the time. There are many issues surrounding the topic of suicide; why it happens, who it happens to, are there any positive views on suicide, and many more questions. Sadly, suicide is common throughout the world. It doesn’t effect only one group of people, suicide occurs in all ages, races, and religions. In the USA Weekend Newspaper in 1998, they stated that “most people who attempt suicide didn’t want to die as much as they wanted to escape from what was going on”. This triggers the question of, why do people attempt or commit suicide. In every case there is a different reason, but most suicides occur from trying to escape something. It may be bad grades in school, family problems, feeling alone or unwanted, or even just trying to escape this world. Feelings of hurt, loss, guilt and worry are all factors as well. But these feelings lead to more issues, such as depression and substance abuse that can cause a person to break. “The presence of a mental disorder is an important risk factor for suicide. It is generally acknowledged that over 90% of those who committed suicide had a psychiatric diagnosis at the time of death.” (Stone 2001) Depression is a huge factor in suicide, which is unfortunate because depression is very treatable. According to World Psychiatry in 2002, if you experience these symptoms, you should see a physician about depression: “ Persistent sad, anxious or "empty" feelings, feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism, feelings of guilt, worthlessness and/or helplessness, loss of interest in activities or hobbies once
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pleasurable, overeating, or appetite loss, and much more.” Depression is not a death sentence, if people can diagnose it and treat it, there may be less suicides in the world. “Substance abuse
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got me suicidal suicidal. - It is hard to imagine that a...

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