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Dexter Johnson English 101 Ms . Martin Breaking the Myth Hazing is putting people through meaningless tasks of humiliation, to show loyalty to a social group before actually being admitted. Hazing has been used in various sports groups, police forces, the military, and even marching band, the group that the public hear about it the most is sororities and fraternities . Hazing is supposedly used to promote brotherhood, and loyalty, but to the media’s eyes they see young men and women being humiliated and put through things they do not deserve to go through . Since I thought about pledging to a fraternity, I wanted to look more into the subject of hazing; because that is not something I would want to worry about . To learn more about why people who want to promote brotherhood would do demeaning things to people who want to be their brother I interviewed a friend of mine and fraternity pledge, Jeremy Hylton, to see if he could help me separate what was myth and what was fact . I met Jeremy in our favorite spot for breakfast, Hatfield’s, we always would meet there to catch up and keep in touch since we did not see each other much, he was coming back from a meeting he had with his fraternity, he looked like he had just came from church; dressed in a nice shirt, slacks, and a tie . This from the start surprised me, I found out that on every Tuesday and Thursday he had to wear semi-formal clothes to give the fraternity a good image, it was good to know fraternities actually care what people thought of them .
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I remember when I went to the rush with him and the things the brothers told us so they would do to make our college experience better . Jeremy found one he wanted to join and I decided to hold out because I was still skeptical . I was worried for him because I heard all the rumors and discriminating things they make you do in a fraternity and I knew it would break his spirit if they did it to him
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interview - Dexter Johnson English 101 Ms Martin Breaking...

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