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Review of Assignment and Lecture 14-15 (2/18-2/20): An Aristocratic Society, Tyrants, Hoplites, and Democrats Reading Assignment: Martin 70-71, 79-93; selections from Pindar, Bacchylides, Anonymous Party Songs, Solon, Theognis, and Alcaeus on e-reserves Questions: What are aristocratic values in the Archaic period? How does the rise of the polis affect them? How does the acquisition of honor and glory for aristocrats of the Archaic period differ from that of the Homeric heroes? Aristocratic values were Honor v. shame, Glory and fame, respect, and Wealth. The rise of the polis aloud for the elite to dominate political and economic spectrums. The honor and glory in Homeric society focused on the individual while in the archaic period it focused more on the community. What are the four major pan-Hellenic games? Why are they important? What did victors gain from winning them? What are the Panathenaic Games? Four major pan- Hellenic Games were the chariot, foot race, horse race, wrestling. They were important because they aloud the people to come together as a community and praise Zeus. The Victors gained respect within their polis. They were also well taken care of by the community for the remainder of their lives. Panthenaic Games were The games were actually part of a much larger religious festival, the
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Panathenaia , which was held every year. Every fourth year when the games were also held, the festival was known as the "Great Panathenaia," and was 3 or 4 days longer than the regular festival. They were the most prestigious games for the citizens of Athens , but they were not as important as the Olympic Games or the other
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review10 - Review of Assignment and Lecture 14-15...

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