print media - many movie outcomes. From traditional...

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Media has come a long way throughout the years. From print media to electronic, information has always been presented to the media throughout the ages. Print media was among the first to hit the scene, and still inspires all types of media today. As newspapers became more popular they began to add a comic section, this sparked attention to the genre which led to the printing of comic books. These specialized books and newspapers focused on heroes and villains and the combat in between. Comic books were so popular that they eventually inspired other types of media. There were comic inspired television series such as Superman and Spiderman, which even later were turned into film. “ All you need to do is translate it from one visual medium into another; the comic book already looks like a storyboard”. (Wolk) But comic books were not the only print media to influence film. Written plays and music have inspired film as well. Many movies have come from the print media beginnings. Romeo and Juliet was an amazing play that has made
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Unformatted text preview: many movie outcomes. From traditional Shakespeare to a modern day tale, it was all started by certain print media. The ever popular Harry Potter series, The Color Purple, and recent PS I Love You, have all been transformed into film. This doesn’t only pertain to entertainment, but inspires people to read. Most times you will hear that a book or play is so much better than the movie version, that one is inspired to read. "Without a doubt, the Harry Potter books have inspired kids to read more". (Martin) “ Printed media unquestionably ruled supreme for more than 500 years… our lives were and still are dominated by printed matter.” (Webber) Print media will continue to influence other media sources throughout time. So television, film, and many other forms of media influence human beings on a daily basis and it was all originated from one general source, print media....
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print media - many movie outcomes. From traditional...

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