personal growth - SC 135 – T. Scott Personal Growth 18...

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Unformatted text preview: SC 135 – T. Scott Personal Growth 18 April 2007 Personal Growth Communicating with others is something that we do every single day. But repetition does not make us all experts in every aspect of communication. We all have problem areas in our communication skills, and I am here to reflect and respond on those areas of mine. To most, communication is something we so when we speak. Although this is true, we communicate just as much, if not more, without saying any words. I have realized that I am not a very effective non verbal communicator. I have this friend Jessica, who always thinks I am mad at her. I am actually rarely angry with her but my body language makes me seem upset.. While speaking with others I tend to break eye contact, cross my arms, and look around while someone is speaking to me. This may convey to the person I am talking to that I am extremely bored and uninterested. In some, rare, situations this may be true, but most of the time I do not even realize I am doing this. Learning about nonverbal communication in class, I could see some of the characteristics of poor communication in my everyday conversations. In order to make progress, I had to define the problem and take action. In conversations with my friend Jessica, as soon as I started to look around I would try and make it a point to look directly into their eyes. To some of my friends this was intimidating, but most seemed comforted knowing I was looking at them and paying attention. I would also pay close attention to my body language during conversations. Normally I would tend to slouch over and cross my body language during conversations....
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personal growth - SC 135 – T. Scott Personal Growth 18...

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