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CH. 10 Inventions 1. Leonardo Da Vinci a. Sublimation—Freud—to divert the energy of (a sexual or other biological impulse) from its immediate goal to one of a more acceptable social, moral, or aesthetic nature or use b. Biography / Significant dates i. 1452- born near Vinci in Florence area ii. 1469—apprenticeship in Verrocchio’s artisan workshop iii. 1482—moved to Milan, carried a letter in which his services were recommended as an engineer, architect, sculptor, painter, musician, to the court of Ludovico il Moro iv. 1495-1498—The Last Supper v. 1504—in Florence again—began the Mona Lisa vi. 1516—King of France, Francois I, invited him to France—at the Castle of Cloux, near Amboise, he was given the post of “first painter, engineer and architect to the King” vii. 1519—died at Cloux c. Double Staircase at Chambord d. Armored Car i. Writing mirror images so people couldn’t steal his ideas ii. Tortoise-shaped, reinforced with metal plates iii. Inner turret, armed with guns iv. Operated inside by 8 men who turned cranks to move wheels v. Decided against using horses, thought animals would become restive is such a vi. Firing direction decided by men in upper part of the car – saw battlefield through slits or portholes e. Cannon with adjustable elevating arc i. Elevation adjusted by a peg ii. Owing to its size, was destined to be used in field action by infantrymen iii. Had light gun-carriage mounted on wheels iv. Can be adjusted in height by means of a peg blocking system v. Front-loaded, bronze muzzle f. Aerial screw i. Ancestor of the helicopter ii. Diameter of 5m iii. Made of reed, linen cloth, wire iv. Operated by 4 men standing on central platform & exerted pressure on the bars in front of them with their hands to make the shaft turn v. Machine designed like this probably never would have risen off the ground – however, idea remains that if an adequate driving force were applied it might have done so vi. Was planned for the study of the propeller’s tractive efficiency, not as a real flying machine vii. Da Vinci suggested making a paper model and launching it by a coil spring wrapped around the base viii. The mention of the screw tells us that this was actually probably a representation of the windmill game, a toy popular then
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g. Parachute
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psych128ch10inventions - CH. 10 Inventions 1. Leonardo Da...

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