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Daniel Morgan On Isaac Newton’s “Optics” A fact Isaac Newton addressed midway through this excerpt deals with the universal organization of the senses in all forms of life on earth and can be further explored by observing the preliminary sketches of his concepts involving ocular vision. His attention focuses heavily on the capturing, bending and focusing of light using the cornea and lens of the eye to stimulate the nerves of the retina and fovea to interpret what is being seen (see complementary figures 8 and 10 of Newton’s companion sketches in another section of Optics , my second source). As is stated early in the article’s preface, these theories of Newton’s were not so much original ideas as the culmination of the works of Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo, dealing more with physical concepts of space and its fundamental forces. Newton in turn must have greatly influenced the of Charles Darwin with his ideas on speciation similarity, the branching off from his most broad topic of similar physical structure; all earth bound creature seem to exhibit a similar makeup in that they all have two arms, two legs, and a head with sensory organs arranged with a pair of eyes and ears, mouth and nose in a familiar arrangement. The sketches included in Optics clearly demonstrate Newton’s in-depth knowledge of any eye’s perception of light, as well as many of light’s seemingly bizarre properties, such as the diffraction of the light’s color makeup when a prism is introduces as seen in figure 11. Published in 1704, several years after Newton’s original conception of the theory of
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NewtonOptics - Daniel Morgan On Isaac Newton's"Optics A...

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