Henry Adams Essay [1] Revised

Henry Adams Essay [1] Revised - Fornoff Cover Letter In...

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Fornoff Cover Letter In writing this essay, I did not really follow a certain process. I mainly re-read the passage, and picked out quotes that went along with what my essay was going to be about. I planned out the main topics that I was going to address, and pretty much I sat at my computer and wrote. The main difficulty that I faced while writing this paper was making sure that I had the required amount of words. I tend to write exactly what I’m supposed to, and I fail to expand and elaborate on my statements. I also had difficulty starting out. I sat for awhile after reading the passage for the second time, trying to collect my thoughts and the quotes that I had chosen. I also had to make sure that the thoughts that I had made sense and that my paper flowed smoothly from one idea to the other. The main focus of my paper is the differences between Adams’ views of his education and choice of school and those that I have. Where Adams thought that any education that he received was essentially useless, I believe that the education that I have received throughout my life is extremely important for my success as a student and as a citizen. I also chose to go to school at Truman because of the way the teachers and students both cared about the quality of the education that they were receiving. My goals in writing this essay were to show my understanding of the passage, and to convey that understanding to my audience. I wanted those who read this paper to know my opinions regarding my education, and to realize that I take my education very seriously. I hope that there are not those who read this essay who have the same opinions as Adams, because the attitude that he displayed is a very poor one to enter college or any type of school having. At first I thought that the requirement of going to the Writing Center was somewhat of a bother. However, after going to my appointment, I realized how much I got out of that meeting. Before going there my paper was only about 730 words long and I was very stressed as to how I was going to expand it. Mandy, the advisor that was assigned to revise my paper was very helpful. She discussed with me several ways that I
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Henry Adams Essay [1] Revised - Fornoff Cover Letter In...

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