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Possible Essay Questions Chpt 2 : In the latter part of the chapter, the author discusses some of the pragmatic effects of diagnoses. Describe these and discuss their legitimacy. How do they relate to the issue of social legitimacy? Within that, does it diminish the validity of the diagnoses as a result of some of these effects? Pragmatic Effects of Diagnoses -To apply a social invention perspective to the expansion of the DSMs its useful to treat diagnosis as a practice -At minimum, there are three parties involved in the practice of diagnosis o First: specific patient to whom the diagnosis is applied o Second: mental health professional who applies the diagnosis o Third: society for whom the practice of diagnosis has consequences -The focus is on the functions of diagnosing and diagnoses, especially those social consequences that may be reinforcing and that may increase likelihood for new diagnoses to be invented and applied -Applying a diagnosis solves several social problems o individual comes to mental health professional because they have made a social disturbance (large or small) o the application of a diagnosis may function to justify intervention by mental health professionals -The act of diagnosis has positive consequences for those that have been disturbed -The more diagnosis we have at our disposal, the more options we have to bring relief to those who benefit from including disturbing behavior under the authority and sanction of mental health practitioners -Receiving a diagnosis entitles the person to get social services that might otherwise not be available -Receiving a diagnosis may be personally comforting to the extent that it provides an individual with explanation for their behaviors/feelings that are upsetting -chemical imbalance attests to the comfort providing function of diagnosis -less a matter of shameful personal responsibility and more a medical condition (remove personal blame); may also be excused from being held responsible or being punished -there are legitimate concerns about the negative social effects of diagnosis; but a fair analysis of the practice of diagnosis must include the positive consequences -applying a diagnosis can bring relief to the practitioner who is confused by the patient’s behavior; relieves distress in mental health professional -the practice of diagnosis can also make research easier to conduct and support; expanding the available number of diagnoses extends the practice of diagnosis to include more and more human behavior (therefore extending research that’s acceptable, publishable, and fundable -having more diagnostic labels allows researchers to have an area of expertise -diagnosis has become a marketing strategy for pharmaceutical manufacturers; psychotropic medications have learned to endorse diagnoses to market their products -having new diagnoses or new names for old diagnoses makes marketing effort successful -diagnoses on the basis of form or structure is not likely to decrease, and the invention of new diagnostic labels justified by
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Possible Essay Questions - Possible Essay Questions Chpt 2:...

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