Equiano Life & Quinlong

Equiano Life & Quinlong - the reality that the only...

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It seems Equiano's biggest fear stemmed from not knowing what to expect from the alien white men who had become his masters; he soon learned the repercussions from certain actions (jumping overboard) or lack of action (not eating). Its fascinating to think of Equiano's thought concerning his master whom he believed to be in possession of spirits which pushed the ship along the sea, which had a spell cast over it. Would this make him think in higher regard for them seeing as they mastered the unknown, or rather that more of brutes, for capturing and enslaving that which is not even human, as well as them being human. Such cruel behavior was exhibited by the whites as to garner the idea of cannibalism among the whites of the blacks. Worse for others became
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Unformatted text preview: the reality that the only considerable part of life, the family unit, was to be broken up in the reselling of each other once in Barbados. Quinlong tells the George III in a subtle but perceptive manner that what he asks of the emperor for establishing trade with europe through england is absolutely absurd, on the basis that many european nations visit china and all ask of the same request, and therefore make it impossible to side with any one and grant its nation total power of trade. He proceeds to list 7 reasons why, not only are the kings requests ridiculous, but he must actually be dim-whited to have proposed such nonsensical ideas on a means of trade...
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