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Chapter 3- Conservation of Mass Part1

A0 a1 axiom can write down a similar expression for

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Unformatted text preview: enters or leaves the CV Manufacture of OpKcal Fibers A0 Goal: Determine the draw ra1o (A0 /A1) Step 1: Select a control volume CV Step 2: Assume process is steady Step 3: Write down word statement of Axiom 1 A1 Manufacture of OpKcal Fibers cont. A0 A1 Axiom !: Can write down a similar expression for Q1 Thus conserva1on of mass gives: Solving for the draw- down ra1o: Mass flux through an arbitrary surface element dA n dA Let the velocity of the fluid be: v=v Then volume of fluid swept out V =v dA vt t dAcs cross secKonal area of cylinder swept out need to relate A to Acs Projected Area Theorem volume swept out in 1me t V = v t · n dA But (mass flow rate across an arbitrary area dA) Mass Flow rates at Entr...
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