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Chapter 3- Conservation of Mass Part1

Rule 4 be sure that the surface specied by rule 3

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Unformatted text preview: ances and Exits of Control Volumes n Since Then: dA Note: At exits of control volumes : v ·n > 0 But at entrances of control volumes : v · n < 0 How to Construct and Analyze Material Balance Problems How to Construct Control Volumes •  Rule 1: Construct a cut (a por1on of the surface area A ) where informa1on is given. •  Rule 2: Construct a cut where informa1on is required •  Rule 3: Join these cuts with a surface located where v · n is known. •  Rule 4: Be sure that the surface specified by Rule 3 encloses regions in which volumetric informa1on is either given or required. Mass Flow Rates at Entrances and Exits Consider a CV with a single entrance and single exit : Then Axiom I for con...
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