Chapter 3- Conservation of Mass Part1

Selected control volume cv apply axiom 1 example

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Unformatted text preview: exit = 400 f t3 ⇥ (2.83 ⇥ 10 Q exit m day 2 m3 m3 ) = 11.32 3 ft day conversion factor What is the mass flow rate? Example CalculaKon cont. Specific molar volume at STP: vstp V P m3 = = = 0.0224 n RT mol Thus the rela1onship between mass flow rate and volumetric flow rate at STP is: mexit ˙ ˙ = Qexit ⇥ 1 mol g ⇥ (44.07 ) 3 0.0224 m mol molecular mass of propane g mexit = 22271.1 ˙ day g kg kg = 22271.1 ⇥( ) = 22.27 day 1000g day Now we are ready to apply axiom 1 Example CalculaKon cont. Select a Control Volume •  Rule 1: A cut is been made at the exit of the tank were informa1on is given •  Rule 2: There is no required informa1on that would generate another cut •  Rule 3: The surface of the control volume is selected where v · n is known •  Rule 4: The surface specified by Rule 3 encloses the region for which vo...
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