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Brent Stieferman Jonathon Lawinger English 190: Writing as Critical Thinking September 6, 2006
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In the autobiography, “The Education of Henry Adams,” Adams points out many interesting facts. Throughout the readings about his education, Adams would criticize the education he was provided with by Harvard College, a highly rated college. He talked of the multiple things he did not learn and the few things he did learn. Throughout this essay, I will tell you about these things and what they have to do with the education I have learned and what education I still have to learn. Throughout the reading, Adams continuously criticizes Harvard College and the education he received from Harvard. “The entire work of the four years could have been easily put into the work of any four months in after life” (36, Ways of Reading). This quote is an example of Adams criticism toward his schooling. He is talking about how all the things he learned in the four years of his college experience, he could have taught himself in four months. I do not think he thought he was better than everyone else. I think Adams criticized Harvard because he started out his college career hating the fact that he had to be there. Adams did not even give Harvard a chance. He automatically believed the grading of the professors was wrong; that he should not be in the middle of the class but in the top third of his class. Later in his life when he became one of these professors he did not change this way of grading; he said he accepted the negative standard because
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Essay #1 - Brent Stieferman Jonathon Lawinger English 190...

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