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Eunuchs & Ottomans - nocturnal relations probably for...

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The most important qualities of the Ottoman empire for success is its foundry in individual effort and ability to achieve. The fact that most of the Sultan's officers were once the sons of shepherds and herdsmen shows that hard work can gain status rather than being handed down hereditarily like most of Europe in this day of age. This is one of the disadvantages of the Christian countries whose society is founded on natural and hereditary rule. Eunuchs were charged with watching over the monarch and his
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Unformatted text preview: nocturnal relations probably for the very reason of his lack of drive or similar feeling. He recorded sessions of intimacy if the concubine was deemed worthy to bear his child. To become a eunuch is to create a different type of human, not a new species, simply something that is not truly male or female. This practice was taken part of in ancient greece in the form of eunuch before a boy hit puberty so as to have a non fertile population for work and servitude....
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