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Zach Garcia Honors 111 Bible Genesis and Exodus I know that my view on this book will be bias and I am very set in my beliefs. I grew up in a Christian school and had to read to Bible many times during my schooling. I found that even though I have read it many times before the Bible is not an easy book to read. It is not that the language is difficult but to follow the names and events and keep them in order is not always easy. But I think that the most intriguing part of the book is Gods constant need to reemphasize his pact with mankind. Originally the pact was made and then God continually wanted to make sure that the pact was strong so he made different people perform different tasks like, Abraham taking his son up the mountain to sacrifice him to God. God, who rewarded his devotion, stopped Abraham but I found I strange that instead of just leaving the pact alone he found the need to make sure that the
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Unformatted text preview: descendants of Abraham would live up to the same pact that he did. I also found that Exodus was much easier to follow as a story because Genesis was much more an introduction and there were many different stories being told with many different people. Exodus was much easier to follow because it followed a linear line of thought and mainly one family through a story that led to the freedom of the Israelites. This is also the first time that a compassionate and patient God is revealed. When Moses returns from the mountain after forty days he sees that his men have begun worshiping false idols. When God wants to destroy the people for their irreverence Moses intercedes and begs to have them repent and for God to let them go. God agrees and Moses s able to see the kinder God....
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