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Dao 1 - much energy that most could not achieve such an...

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Zach Garcia Honors 111 Dao De Jing The Way? This was honestly one of the most confusing books that I have ever read. I read the stanzas at first for three or four times trying to understand them before reading any of the comments on the book. What I found was that however many times I read it and tried to get any real meaning that was even close to what Laozi was thinking did not happen. The stanzas, to me, were extremely confusing not only because they were short and did not give a lot substance wise but also they were also very cryptic. I know that was the writing style and that what he was saying in the stanzas did have true substance and did mean something that was important, but I feel that to get to the cryptic meaning to so
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Unformatted text preview: much energy that most could not achieve such an understanding of the book. When I read the first stanza of the text I read it aloud five times before giving up and looking at the notes to try and get some understanding of what was being said. After looking at the notes I understand where those concepts can be discerned from the text but I feel that it is still so vague that many different meanings can found from the same text. I guess that is my main question for this book. Did the person that would be reading this text back then know what they were reading? Or was the text supposed to be so hard to crack that only a certain few would be able to understand it, meaning that they were in some way enlightened?...
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