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Tentanve project due dates tuesday 1030 project

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Unformatted text preview: ourage discussion. 13 Grading Problem sets ParNcipaNon 25% 2 homework problem sets 25% Reading papers, submi`ng reading comments and quesNons before class, and parNcipaNon in class discussion. (Note: Absent students rarely contribute to discussions.) PresentaNon of 15% A short survey and criNque of the one or two sets of papers. See presentaNon notes. Lead research papers class discussion. Project 35% Project proposal, class presentaNon, and final report. 14 Project •  Goal: develop a deep understanding of a specific research area and to the extend possible to work on an open research problem. •  Can be theoreNcal, computaNonal, experimental, or empirical. •  Can write an exposiNon paper, but needs novelty! •  TentaNve project due dates: –  Tuesday 10/30: project proposal due –  Wednesday 12/5: brief project presentaNon –  Friday 12/7: project report due 15 LogisNcs • TF –  Mike Ruberry •  Office Hours –  Yiling: Monday 2:30 – 3:30, MD 339 –  Later will add office hours likely on Thursdays to meet with students in advance of presenNng papers –  Mike: Wed 11 ­ ­ ­12, MD second floor lounge Missed course materials from the TF 16 Example Ideas and Issues 17 Events of Interest •  Will category 3 (or higher) hurricane make landfall in Florida in 2011? •  Will Google reinstate its Chinese search engine? •  Will DemocraNc party win the PresidenNal elecNon? •  Will MicrosoV stock price exceed $30? •  Will there be a cure for cancer by 2015? •  Will sales revenue exceed $200k in April? …… 18 IncenNvize Experts •  Suppose I’d like to get informaNon about tomorrow’s weather (sunny or rainy?) •  How can I ensure that an expert will tell me his/her true probability assessment of the...
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