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Unformatted text preview: f Ohio AND Florida OR New York, $0 otherwise –  Specify buy price and quanNty •  ComputaNonally hard! 26 We will look at •  Design (beFer) market mechanisms for informaNon aggregaNon (connecNng to proper scoring rules) •  Characterizing informaNon aggregaNon with raNonal agents •  Enabling combinatorial markets 27 What If We Won’t Know the Outcome? •  Eg. CondiNonal events, subjecNve informaNon •  Surveys –  Eg. How many hours per week you spent on assignments? •  Less than 5 hours •  5 ­10 hours •  10 ­20 hours •  Above 20 hours Peer PredicNon and Bayesian Truth Serum 28 Organized Human ComputaNon •  An old idea –  Halley’s Comet (1758) •  3 astronomers calculate the trajectory of the Halley’s Comet –  The Math Table Project (1938 ­1948) •  450 out ­of ­work clerks •  Computer: a person who performs calculaNon as a profession •  Given a “compuNng plan” •  Quality assurance: computaNon was done by two independent human computers and checked by a third 29 The web changes everything … 30 The ESP Game Galaxy Zoo More than 200,000 parNcipants from 113 countries; more than 100 million classificaNons 32 eBird 33 Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk) 34 35 Demographics of Turkers [Source: IpeiroNs blog, hFp://www.behind ­the ­enemy ­lines.com/2010/03/new ­demographics ­ 36 of ­mechanical ­turk.html] Demographics of Turkers [Source: IpeiroNs blog, hFp://www.behind ­the ­enemy ­lines.com/2010/03/new ­demographics ­ 37 of ­mechanical ­turk.html] We’ll look at •  Quality and workflow control for crowdsourcing •  How to incenNvize “beFer” contribuNons 38 A Bit Background on Decision Making under Uncertainty 39 Uncertainty, Risk, & InformaNon •  Uncertainty...
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