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Zach Garcia Honors 111 The Iliad Iliad In my opinion The Iliad was well written and kept the attention of the reader with continuous action and interesting characters. I do feel the names of the characters and how many different people had roles in the epic made it difficult to know exactly who was talking at certain times. Other than that the book was interesting, but harder to read because of the fact that I have seen the recent movie, Troy, and it skewed my view on the whole war. I do think that most interesting part of the book was the involvement of the gods in the battle. I felt that the way that they fought in a very strange way. The came and went and changed the tide of the battle while they were there but the coming and going seemed very strange. If the gods were all-powerful and could control the tide of the battle, as
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Unformatted text preview: many of them did when they were fighting or inspiring the fighters, then why did they just not finish the war when they had the chance? I realize that Homer was writing the book to be an epic battle between the Greeks and Trojans, but I felt that the role of the gods, while it excited the battle scene, made the battle a bit more confusing. I also felt that Achilles struggle with living a long peaceful life and being remembered was anti-climatic. He chose, after Patroclus death, to reenter the battle knowing that he was going to die for it. But in the end the book never discussed the downfall of Achilles. It centered more on the funeral of Hector, which is understandable, but I would have liked to see the story of Achilles finished....
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