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Non current assets b non current assets are those

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Unformatted text preview: id Insurance Prepaid Rent B. NON-CURRENT ASSETS B. Non-current assets are those assets not considered as current assets. These include Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) PPE or Fixed assets are assets needed to support the operation of the business over a long period of time and they are not intended for sale. and B. NON-CURRENT ASSETS B. a. Land – a lot or real estate owned and used by the Land business on which a building could be constructed. business b. Building – structure used to house the officer, store Building or factory. or c. Office Equipment – equipments being use in the Office officer. Ex. typewriters, computers, calculators, filing cabinets, electric fans, air-conditioners… B. NON-CURRENT ASSETS B. d. d. Store Equipment – equipments being use in the store operation. Ex. computers, cash registers, airoperation. conditioning units, calculators, electric fans… e. Delivery Equipment/ Transport Equipment/ Transport Delivery Vehicle - transport vehicle used by the business in their operation. Ex. trucks, cars, vans.. their f. Office Furniture – are furniture in the office. Ex. Office Tables, chairs, curt...
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