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Zach Garcia Honors 111 Symposium Love whatever it actually is The symposium, for me had its good and bad parts. Being of the certain values that I come from I do not agree with some of the logic of the book but I understand where they were coming from and I know that I cannot put today’s views on their ancient ones. The obvious main part of the symposium was love. Everyone had their own say on it and what they thought was the best definition of love. My main question for this book was did men in general back then have any sort of true love for women at all. Everyone that spoke had their own twist of love but every single one of them came back to the best love that one can have would always be the love between a boy and a man. The common love that was described did say that it could be between a man and a woman but that it was basically just lust and that no true happiness would come of it.
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Unformatted text preview: This really made me think about their culture as a whole. Were women used for only one reason, to reproduce and increase the population as Diotima proclaimed that love wants the good to stay around forever and the only way that could happen is if one reproduced. But even she came back to the love of young boys was the best that could be achieved. If this is true I was wondering about other cultures like Sparta. Like was discussed in class earlier this year. The women of Sparta controlled it with their sexuality. If that was true then the men had to want the women more than the young boys. Is this something that was fairly universal or was it something that men of higher social status like the people that would be talking with Socrates would be doing. Were young boys the only form of true love in their society?...
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